An invitation that sparkles…

I wanted to share and invitation that really stands out from the rest! I just finished these last night and Heather will be picking them up tomorrow. When Heather came in for her invitation consultation, she wanted to combine design elements from a few of the samples we have in our studio. The rundown…a pocket, ribbon corners, shell design and last, but not least…rhinestones! The final result is a unique and striking invitation. Hope you like it too!

One thought on “An invitation that sparkles…

  1. Allison, I cannot express how pleased Bryan and I are with the outcome of our wedding invitations! Thank you for incorporating my vision and creating such a beautiful masterpiece!! They are truly equisite and unique and will definitely set the stage for our wedding…classy and elegant! I cannot wait to send them out to our guests! Allison, you are truly gifted and a class act!

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