More Montana

More stationery and fun for Stephanie and Jay’s wedding in Montana in September…
So, first, Allie (my studio manager) and I received a wonderful package last week. Stephanie had told me that she was using the monogram we design for her on a tag on custom bath salts that are being given to all of her guests. Well, I was so excited when I opened the box from her and realized she had sent us our very own bath salts. They smell so yummy…just think vanilla buttercream icing….mmmmh! She included a wonderful note thanking us for our hard work and creative inspiration…how awesome is that!??! Here’s a picture of the salts with the tag and their save the date in the background. Too cute.
I also thought I would include Stephanie and Jay’s rehearsal and welcome party invitations. After a few false starts on the design, I came up with the cow hide concept, which fit perfectly into the theme for both of the events. I just love how they turned out. Enjoy!

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