Photo Fun!

We just finished a “super cute” save the date magnet for Erin, who is getting married in September. She and her fiance took this picture while they were hiking. The sign originally said, “Please Stay on Trail”and they changed the picture to say, “Please Save the Date”. How perfect! Go ahead and say, “Awh!!!!” We did!

Another idea we designed for Erin was a three photo save the date with pictures that went along with the words, “Live, Laugh, Love”. Erin picked a picture of Joe holding her at the top of a mountain for “Live”. Then for “Laugh” they had a goofy picture of the two of them being silly and finally the “Love” picture was the photo we ended up using below. I wanted to share that idea too, because I think a lot of other brides might like the Live, Laugh, Love idea for their save the date too! Thanks again, Erin!

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