Back from a little vacay…

I was away on vacation for my birthday (my hubby whisked me off to Atlantic City for a long weekend), so it’s been a LONG time since my last post. In order to redeem myself for being so delinquent, I have a winter save the date and two booklet style programs for you to see.

First, the save the date…Jaime came to me with her beautiful winter colors — scarlet, silver and white — along with the snowflake theme. I designed a great little pocket for her that incorporated her provided monogram design and pulled the same colors and feel into the rest of the save the date. I don’t even think Jaime knows this yet, but I’ve already designed an invitation using this same idea for her. I just loved it so much!

Onto programs…while I was out last week, Allie and Kaitlin (my right and left hand ladies) were working at breakneck speed to finish two huge program orders. Both were booklet designs with thin ribbon bows. Thought it was interesting to see how different the same style of program can look. Enjoy!

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