As Seen in…What’s Up? Weddings

We had heard a lot about this article from the folks at What’s Up? Weddings over the past few months. Little did we know that about two thirds of the invitations featured in the “You’re Invited” article, in the new Spring/Summer 2009 issue, would be our creations! Wow!

Below are all of the pages from the article, along with a description of which invites are ours. The article was a little lean on details, so we wanted to make sure you knew which invites were Allison Barnhill Designs. Enjoy!

Our Designs: Starfish Pocket, Fall Skeleton Leaf and Gerber Daisy Pocket

Our Designs: Red &Gold Pocket, Black Tie, A&B, Green & Black Band Invite and Red & White Pocket
Our Designs: Compass Invite at top right and Naval Academy Dome Pocket at bottom left
Our Designs: bottom four invitations – Green Ribbon Band, Chocolate & Pink Pocket, Spanish Inspired Pocket and Sunburst Invite

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