New Designs!!

So, it’s been a busy month…we’re trying lots of new techniques and coming up with some new designs to offer to brides. I’m rolling out two of them with this blog post. And, at the end, I’m going to give you a teaser of something really cool that we’ll be offering soon!

I’m calling the first new design, “Clearly Couture”. These invitations are made using a clear backing that is screen printed with some awesome designs — brocade, victorian and vintage. The screenprinting comes in a few classic colors that would really coordinate with most color schemes…think gold, silver, brown, cream. These designs as square, but you could do a rectangle style too. We can also use these clear screenprinted sheets as overlays, on top of your invite design. Very cool!

The second new design, “Ribbon Wrap”, is a cool twist on a traditional layered style invitation. It has a wide cardstock backing, thin middle layer and top layer with invite invite text…wrapped in the middle is a wide satin ribbon band that goes all the way around the back. This ribbon band can hold your response set and insert cards. Pretty and functional!

Finally, I promised a teaser for something new…think vintage, hand carved wood block stamps with floral and vine designs…hmmm…sounds cool, right! Keep an eye out for it!

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