Shall We Dance?

I started working with Erin a few months ago on her table name tents. She wanted a “cool” monogram design at the top, with a classic look in her black and red colors. Also, her tables are all named after Bob Dylan songs — so unique! She fell in love with the table numbers and asked me to design her invitations too! I used the same monogram design from the table numbers and incorporated the music theme into her response card — save a dance for me! I just love how this classic looking invitation came together. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Shall We Dance?

  1. Sorry David Barron, but let’s just drink the Media’s Coolaid for a second…Why not PERMANENTLY close the 405 freeway to cars EACH WEEKEND? Make it a bike/skateboard Only ZONE ON SAT AND SUN? Why not ban the use of airconditioners between 1pm and 5pm? Why not ban the watering of lawns except on Wednesdays? Why not DOUBLE the property taxes on non-residential property owners?I looked at some of these motorhomes today. Shit, these things have EVERYTHING you need in life–and some come in sizes that you can drive as easy as a minivan!Let’s just sell our homes, buy these portable go-anywhere houses, and JUST LIVE OFF THE FAT OF THE FUCKING LAND! Like the Old West, but 2011 style! Apply for all that free Gov’t cheese, and bank the savings by buying Gold. Then when there’s the expected RIOTS, you just move off to HIGHER GROUND!These liberals DO have the right idea David. You and I just have to make some adjustments and start living like humans instead of Taxpayers surrounded by a sea of union and AEG sharks!We’re the PROBLEM, David. We just have to find a way to stop FUNDING THE CITY HALL’S CORRUPT MACHINE with their endless grabs of $$$$ from our overtaxed lives! Once the bill payers (who are clearly outnumbered by the Janis Hahn voter-scumbags) shut off the money supply, then we’ll see how they’ll sell Convention Centers for a God Damn Dollar! We can’t vote out these theives, that’s affirmative. We can’t get the Feds to clean it up (see Bell, CA.) We can’t get anyone elected to watch the public funds.I’ve been seeing these motorhomes EVERYWHERE around the valley. Folks just live on the streets, get a mail drop, and collect their free money from the Gov’t WITHOUT EVEN PAYING RENT OR A DWP BILL!!! Yes, like the song:MAYBE PARADISE IS A PARKING LOT?

  2. The Mayor is struggling for somihteng (anything) that he can exploit to make it look like he has done somihteng (anything) right in his reign. I promise you that he will be throwing this up in our faces every chance he gets as one of the huge successes of his 2 terms in office. He is still trying to get the Failure tag off of himself. The truth is he has been a complete failure as the leader of this city. I wish some reporter had the balls to use one of his manipulative press conferences about this weekend’s closure to ask him about the city’s financial situation or about all the FBI investigations into City Hall. The local media is playing the perfect tool to him and his advisers. Also, by exaggerating this weekend’s freeway closure, they have set themselves up for a much bigger challenge in 12-18 months when they have to close the 405 again to take down the second half of the bridge. This time they scared everyone off of the roads. Next time, the public will remember this as the joke it was and not heed any requests to stay off the roads. You reap what you sow.

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