Black Tie

Megan met with me a few months ago to design her wedding invitations. She wanted a very classic, black and white invitation with a touch of ribbon. We designed a double border with lines and dots that was carried out through her response and insert cards. I just love the elegant look of this invite. Perfect for a black tie wedding! Enjoy!

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  1. When I view your RSS feed it just gives me a page of weird text, may be the problem on my reader? TY for putting this up, it was very helpful and explained tons.

  2. somewhat uninspiring. Yes, it was a golf crusoe, but they don’t actually let you go out ON the golf crusoe. So that limits things right there. Although, I must say, when the sun was setting later in the day during cocktail hour, we sneaked on for a few shots! Anyway, the area I was confined to during most of the bride and groom portraits was in the front of the club house which had a lot of flag poles and a parking lot to contend with. Also, the light really wasn’t that great at the time either. That was more specifically what I meant on Facebook. I also did use the putting green for some shots too, but wasn’t sure we were technically allowed on there either, but hey, no one said anything, and sometimes it better to ask for forgiveness than for permission!

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