Flat Panel Friday

I know we normally share a lot of photos of pocket invitations, so I thought for this Friday post, I’d highlight some “flat panel” invitations. These are more traditional style invitations with flat layers of cardstock and sometimes adorned with ribbon bands or bows. With these type of invitations, your response set and insert cards would sit on top of the invite and slide into the mailing envelope. Here are some examples! Enjoy!
Stephanie and Jay came to us for their pocket save the date and we’ve since ended up doing their invitations, rehearsal invitations and are working on their wedding day accessories. These invites highlight the rustic feel of their Montana nuptials.
Allison and Kevin are getting married on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, on the water, and wanted a simple invitation that reflected the nautical nature of their wedding. With the sapphire metallic and white pearl cardstock and anchor adorned monogram, I think this invite is perfect!

Kimberly and James wanted an invitation to incorporate their bronze and leaf green color scheme. We incorporated a custom monogram and a satin ribbon band on this invite. So pretty!

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