Positively Programs

Eek! I forgot to blog yesterday…so, today, I’m going to share a lot of program designs, to make up for my absent mindedness! A lot of brides are always asking what type of programs we do and looking for ideas on what text to include. Over the past month, we have had a lot of wedding accessories orders. Hopefully, these pictures will help you decide what program you might want us to design for you!
The first design is a single layer program imprinted with text on the front only. This is perfect for a destination or small wedding — or even a non-church wedding. We still can incorporate your colors and design elements.
The next program is a folder style. This program is a folded sheet of cardstock imprinted on the four sides with your program text. A perfect program for almost every wedding!

This third program is one of our most popular — the fan program. Perfect for outdoor, summer weddings! The front has your ceremony details. The back has the wedding party and thank you. We incorporate your colors into cardstock and ribbon bow!

Finally, our newest design, is a folder style program with an insert page and has a monogram tag with ribbon bow to close. I LOVE this new design and can’t wait to do it again!!

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