Perhaps a Penguin?

This post is dedicated to all those grooms that feel that they don’t get a say in anything having to do with their wedding…
Lisa and Robbie came in to see me about a month ago. They are having a winter wedding in December and are going with white, red and silver colors. We started discussing their wedding vision and Robbie quickly brought up the fact that he wanted to rent a penguin for the actual wedding. Lisa had already nixed that idea, but they both thought having a penguin on the save the date would be perfect. And, Robbie definitely wanted the penguin to have a red bow tie! I absolutely loved this idea and loved the groom’s input. So, here is a picture of their adorable save the date magnet. Enjoy!
And, a very special thank you to Lisa, who took care of my daughter in the ER a few weeks ago. It was so nice to have a friendly face there that night!

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