Wonderful Weekend

Why is it a wonderful weekend? Well, we have a lot of awesome couples getting married on this holiday weekend…and it’s a holiday…wonderful! As we say goodbye to summer, I want to wish Kim & Jake, Stephanie & Jay, Diana & Jonathan, Leslie & Paul, Serena & Jesse and Kara & John much happiness and great weather for the big day!
I’m also going to share pics of some of the wedding day accessories we did for these lucky couples! Enjoy!
So, Kim and Jake are getting married overlooking the water — and I just love how the table names turned out!!! We did her programs too…but, my studio manager, Allie, is a friend a Kim’s and will be at the wedding. She promises to take lots of pictures to post next week! :)
Stephanie and Jay are finally getting married in Montana this weekend…okay, I say finally, because I’ve been working them for so long, but I’m just so over the moon for them and hope that the big day is as big as Big Sky! :) Can’t wait to see all of the pictures from this one!!!!
Diana and Jonathan are getting married in DC this weekend — some of you might remember their pretty floral folder. Well, here are their menus and programs, which is a new design! Too cute!
Congrats to all!

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