Holiday Cards!!!

Today has been a fun and festive day in the studio! We have spent the day designing each of our cards for the holiday season. While it might seem a little early, we’re always SO busy in November that we thought we’d get a head start this year. AND, this means that we have some great new designs for all of you to order for your holiday cards. If you are interested in any of these designs or want us to create something perfect for you, just drop us an email ( Without further ado…here are some pics and a little insight into why it is perfect for each person! Enjoy!

My card says, “Spread the holiday cheer, one mailbox at a time”. I thought this was perfect since I make invitations and stationery that show up in LOTS of people’s mailboxes…and hopefully spread lots of cheer!

Allie and her hubby are avid sailors and LOVE the color blue. “High Tide. Low Tide. Yuletide.” Seriously, it is perfect for them…and since today is their second anniversary…Happy Anniversary!

Kaitlin’s card is too cute…love the pink and silver color scheme and how can you go wrong with mistletoe?!?

Amy’s card features her adorable puppy, Riley, who is dressed up for the holidays! Awh!!!

Okay, this isn’t for one of the girls in the studio, but I just had to do it…and yes, that is hanging on the tree!

And, finally, this one is for my mom…she has been asking me for YEARS to design her a Christmas card with a beach feel. She and my dad live at the beach year round and my mom relishes the fact that “it never snows at the beach”. So, SURPRISE Mom!!! Just tell me how many you want!!! :)

Inspiration and fun courtesty of Envelopments, Inc.
Envelopments Original Artwork © 2009 Envelopments, Inc.

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