Lights, Camera, Action!

What a day! Early, early morning which started with a 4:45am alarm and then I was off to my studio to meet the amazing, Amie Decker, who drove all the way to Annapolis, at the crack of dawn to do my make up…thanks so much Amie! By 6:30, Allie (my studio manager and all around right hand gal), and I were on the road and on our way to TV hill. By 8am we were in the WBFF Fox 45 studio and by 8:15 they were taking me back to do my segment. After a quick set up of my accessories and a chat with Patrice (morning anchor), we were off and running. Three minutes later…done…and on our way home. Whew! Exciting, nerve wracking, but what a fun and amazing opportunity. I have to admit this time was much less stressful than when I did it for the first time in August. Just call me a pro…hmmm..maybe not yet!

While we were in the waiting room, Allie and I did get to meet one of the 4 couples that are finalists in the Wedding in a Week contest. Amanda and Jason were featured on today’s news…just after my segment…and were just so cute! We’ll find out who wins on Thursday!! Then, there will be a series of votes for different aspects of the wedding, like menu, colors, etc. By next Friday, the 12th, this lucky couple will be getting married on TV. We’re so excited to be providing all of the day of stationery for the winners!

Here are tons of pictures that Allie took from the waiting room, while I was on TV. And, I hope to have this segment up on my website and YouTube soon. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action!

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  2. Congrats Allison! I can’t wait to see your segment. I’m so happy and proud of you and your awesome design team. Fabulous! See you soon with my next amazing Bride! Samara :O)

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