Wishing for Spring

So, the girls and I are sitting in the studio today game-planning for the weekend…and this “historic snow” we are supposed to get. Our big Baltimore Bridal Show was cancelled and rescheduled for next weekend. So, we are rescheduling meetings with brides, packing up work to take home with us and generally grumbling at the world. And, we are wishing for Spring!!!

Caitlin and Timothy’s invitations have really helped brighten up our day and have us thinking of sunny, warm days with April showers and May flowers! I met with Caitlin a few months ago and designed a custom magnet using their engagement photos. At the same time, we talked about a bright and light pocket design that incorporated a light lemon yellow and light green color scheme. After a few variations of a swirl design, we came up with the final design in a delicate peach color. I’m so excited about how these turned out and when Caitlin picked them up yesterday, she was so happy! Awh!!! Enjoy!


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