Announcing…Stylish Duo Designs

It all started with a chat on Facebook with Jennifer Gillespie from Calligraphy by Jennifer. One night, while talking about a mutual client, Jennifer mentioned that we should collaborate on something soon. I agreed, whole-heartedly, and send her a few quick pictures of an idea I had for combining both of our arts into one invitation. After a flurry of chats and emails, we were rolling…it seems we’ve put this new line together so quickly…so exciting!

So, I’m proud to announce…Stylish Duo Designs…two artists…one style. Stylish Duo Designs is a couture line of custom invitations that combine hand calligraphy and traditional invitation design to create a new and striking way to invite guests to your big day! Every suite has hand-lettered first names, beautifully written by Jennifer Gillespie and combined with printed text in a variety of layouts, designed by Allison Barnhill.

Below are pics of the current styles and layouts for the designs. As always, we can customize anything to fit your wedding, so feel free to email us with questions, ideas or for a quote.

Style :: Bold Black
Layout :: Daring
sdd bold black daring

Style :: Nifty Navy
Layout :: Dazzling
sdd nifty navy dazzling

Style :: Beautiful Brown
Layout :: Delightful
sdd beautiful brown delightful

Style :: Positively Purple
Layout :: Distinct
sdd positively purple distinct

The glam shot….
sdd line pic

Special thanks to Jen Lowe from for taking such awesome pics of Stylish Duo Designs!

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