When a plan comes together…

This weekend I had one of those moments when I thought…wow…I just love it when a plan comes together.  Let me explain…so, a week ago, Diana from Eventi Planning emails me and asks if I can design some paper for the tablescape she is putting together for her booth at the Baltimore Bridal Show.  As some of you know, I love doing these collaborations, mostly because I can try out new and fun ideas!  Well, Diana gave me a few tidbits…purple, grey, touches of yellow…vintage with a hint of mod.   That’s it!  So, I had a couple ideas and went to town.  What I came up with was so fun and different that I just loved it.  Now, I had no idea if it would mesh with what Diana was envisioning, because, seriously, I only had six real descriptive words to describe her vision.  But, when I saw the whole table come together, I was so over the moon!  It’s great when two people can bring together something so cool with six words…enjoy!

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