Crabbing for Invitations

So, it was a beautiful weekend in Annapolis and of course, my kids wanted to go crabbing at our marina. Well, I decided this was the perfect time to photograph some of my invitations. So while the kids were dropping their lines with their dad, I was hunting down the perfect spots to take pics. All of a sudden, I hear, “we got one!” and my daughter comes running down the dock. She says, “Dad wants to know if you want to take a picture of an invite with the crab.” Well, yes, I would, thank you very much! So below are some shots of this very crabby invitation…with the perfect companion! And, yes, the crab was very much alive and was just a wonderful model. He swam away…eagerly…to his next gig! Enjoy!

One thought on “Crabbing for Invitations

  1. Me and my fiancé are having a eastern shore beach themed wedding but are looking for a wedding invitation to go along with our theme. So if you could email me back I would really appreciate it.

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