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Okay, so some of you might know that I love to read…it’s an addiction really…so in addition to the 100 books on list to read, I also get three gossip magazines delivered to my door every week.  Yes, US Weekly, People and In Touch grace my mailbox every Friday and I try to squeeze in 20 minutes to read them. 

This week US Weekly has a feature on Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s wedding…to my sheer and utter happiness, Miranda had a brooch bouquet!  Now, some of you know my affinity for brooch bouquets…I love the history, beauty and longevity of this style of bouquet and even used it in my last inspiration shoot.  Thanks to the awesome team at Intrigue Design and Decor for putting it together…below is a pic of it too!

** Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Ryan Photography

But what I loved even more about Miranda’s bouquet was how she collected all of the brooches!  She said that every brooch in her bouquet was given to her at her shower by friends and family.  Amazing!  This would be such an fun theme for a bridal shower…friends and family could pick out brooches that mean something to them…perhaps they searched high and low for the perfect color, or a mom passes along a grandmother’s brooch.  Each guest could share the story at the shower…and maybe pass along a note with the meaning of the brooch.  So, without further ado, here is a picture of Miranda and Blake…and her bouquet in the bottom right corner.  Love it! 

** Photo courtesy of US Weekly

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