Bismarck Palm Invite

This invite has a long story attached to it and I finally think it is time to share! So, last year, this really energetic and upbeat couple came into to meet with me. Sandra and Dimitri were so fun and excited about their wedding. Since Dimitri owns a palm tree landscaping company, they wanted their invite, for their Kiawah Island wedding, to represent their favorite palm tree! How cute! So, I got to design my very first Bismarck palm.

**Here is the bismarck palm in real life…and my design further down.**

So, when Sandra came in to pick up her save the dates, Allie realized that Sandra is actually Sandra Shaw, meterologist on WBAL – TV 11 in Baltimore. Surprise! :) We had one of those “moments” in the studio. And, we were so honored that she picked us to design her wedding stationery.

Since their wedding, Sandra and Dimitri have moved to Florida and she is now working for a news station down there. We miss her sunny smile in Maryland, but her invitation is just as bright! Hope you enjoy this new pocket. And, remember, picking something special that represents you is a great way to make your wedding invite unique and special…and makes a great story too!

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