Vintage Hibiscus Invitation

So, I’ve been waiting patiently for MONTHS to post this invitation!  I wanted to wait until Kristin and Blake were married on June 4th in Hawaii.  And, I’m glad to finally say that I can post this amazing invitation for all to see.  When Kristin came to meet with me earlier this year, she brought a few inspiration pictures and lots of ideas.  Color me happy!  She fell in love with our caribbean blue “tiles” patterned cardstock and knew that it had to be a big part of the design.  The other thing she wanted was me to design a vintage looking hibiscus for the invitation. Well, when these ideas all came together, the entire studio was in awe of this beauty!  And, I could keep gushing, but I think I’ll just share the pics instead.  So congrats to Mr. & Mrs.  Bloomfield…hope the wedding in paradise was magical.  Enjoy!

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