An Interview with Fiona from Fiona’s Cakes

We’re getting closer to our Stop by Sunday event on July 10th, and I’m so happy, because that means that I get to eat Fiona’s cupcakes!  Fiona’s Cakes is a local cake designer in the Annapolis area and her work is just so amazing and yummy.  I’m also biased, because she made my wedding cake too!   Here is a great interview with “the” Fiona on cakes and trends, along with some photos of her beautiful creations. 

1.  Are you designing more traditional cakes or are brides opting to reflect their themes and colors?   Today’s bride is most certainly opting to reflect their theme and more importantly to them, their colors.  Colors like their flowers, bridesmaids dress, table décor, linens, even neckties and wedding invitations pulls everything together.  Often the bridesmaids bouquets sit around the cake when they arrive at the reception. 

2.  What is your most popular cake flavor?  The most popular cake flavor, for a wedding, is still vanilla cake with a raspberry type filling, since couples are considering what their guests might like and usually remain conservative vs. going with something like hazelnut or coconut which might not be everyone’s favorite. The big trend is offering guest choices of different cake and filling combinations.

3.  Do you have a favorite cake you’ve designed?  I really don’t have a favorite cake design since they are all beautiful in their own way.  A simple cake design can look just as beautiful as an elaborate one.

4.  Any trends that you are seeing right now in cakes?   The trend I see, in a big way, is moving away from having a fondant cake.  Couples are coming to realize that fondant very expensive, but it does not taste very good and most guests choose not to eat it.  A colorful ribbon look is very popular whether it’s around the base of each cake tier or crossing around the cake at different angles.  A simple elegant chic look is often chosen over a lacy or basket weave design.

Be sure to drop in and grab a yummy cupcake by Fiona’s Cakes on Sunday.  Just email us at, if you want to attend.

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