“Experiences” with Eventi Planning

I’m really enjoying featuring all of these wonderful vendors, in anticipation of our Stop by Sunday event…this Sunday…just a few days away! Today, I’m so happy to highlight Diana Venditto from Eventi Planning. I love working with Diana…her bright smile and upbeat personality are simply contagious. So for this post, I decided to ask her something a little different…and her response had the whole studio laughing…and admitting that we are glad we just handle the stationery for a wedding! 

What is the oddest task you’ve had to take on as a wedding coordinator?

As a wedding planner, I have seen it all. Well, maybe not everything but quite a bit! When I meet with couples for the first time, I’m often asked “What is it you do, exactly?”. My normal response, is “Everything!”. I, of course, do the typical tasks: setting up the escort cards, laying out the programs, lining up the bridal party for the ceremony/reception and keeping everything on schedule. Then, there are the unusual tasks that somehow end up in my lap. I have plunged a men’s bathroom toilet and even driven home a left behind grandmother! A good wedding planner will do whatever it takes to make sure their client’s wedding day goes smoothly.

Find out more about Eventi Planning on her website and when you stop by our event on Sunday, pick up a swag bag with some goodies from Eventi Planning too!

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