The Renewal :: Wedding Party Revealed!

So, for my first renewal blog post, I thought I would jump right into some details.  Nine years ago, Tom and I had a very traditional wedding party.  We surrounded ourselves with dear friends and special family members.  I was so honored to have those people standing by our sides. 

For our 10 year renewal, we are keeping some traditional elements, but having a very small bridal party.  Tom and I will each only have one person standing up beside us on the big day.  Most of you know that Tom and I have seven year old boy/girl twins, Logan and Avery.  When we first discussed doing this renewal, we knew that we would want our children to stand beside us for the ceremony. 

Logan and Avery have changed our lives in so many wonderful and chaotic ways that we couldn’t think of two better people to have by our sides.  So, my “maid of honor” will be Avery and Tom’s “best man” will be Logan.  Tom is over the moon about having Logan up there with him.  Avery is excited, but a bit nervous too.  She did inform me that she wants to wear a long dress.  So, already, my bridal party is making demands for a certain style of dress.  Next she will be telling me what color she wants to wear too.  Actually, I’m not joking…I’m sure she will!

Here are some pictures of our bridal party.  Oh, and we have to somehow include our other child, Roxy, the pug.  I think she is going to become our “Renewal Mascot”, because I’m certain she will not be there on the big day….imagine 13 pounds of snorting and snarfing and you will know why.

Coming soon…location, location, location…vendor reveal…colors…trash the dress (yes, my dress from almost 10 years ago)…and more!  Keep following every Wednesday!!!

** Photos by JLowe Photos (except for Roxy – that’s by me!)

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  1. How the time flies! They have certainly grown since 2007 when I visited your home studio while working on my wedding stationary! It’s been a pleasure seeing your work evolve over the past (almost) 5 years! I’m excited to see what else your vow renewal has in store! Congratulations!

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