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When I was planning my wedding almost ten years ago, I remember there were ups and downs in the planning process.  We had issues with the contact at our venue, because he was a general manager and not a true wedding coordinator.  So, my concerns weren’t always concerns for him.  To this day, I remember telling Tom, “I’m done with him, you have to deal with this!”  And, almost 10 years later, I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised when my early planning for the renewal took a downward spiral.

This week, I decided to talk a little bit about disappointments when planning a wedding and how I’m “dealing” with them.  (As my husband reads this, he is either rolling his eyes or laughing hysterically…)  Anyway, with our “special date” (Friday, September 21st) has come some special issues.  One vendor that I knew I wanted to have included in the event is actually going to be IN a wedding on the same weekend and couldn’t be at my renewal.  Then, the first venue (we’ll call this Venue A) we researched, visited and really liked had another couple who was holding on “our” date. 

So, we moved on to a new venue (we’ll call this Venue B).  We took the family for a visit on Saturday and Tom really loved it.  I could see my vision coming to life as I looked at the old brick and tall ceilings.  We said, “book it!”.  At 11:30pm that same night, we found out that someone scooped our date up for their rehearsal dinner.  Ahhhhh!!!  But, Venue B could do the renewal on the following Friday, September 28th.  Hmmm…interesting twist…oh yeah, and that one vendor that I really wanted, would be available on the 28th too.  Can you say, “wrench in plans?”

Today, I was notified that Venue A, has opened back up  for our actual anniversary and planned renewal date of September 21st.   What?!??!!?!?!? 

So, as I sit here today, I’m faced with a dilemma….we could have our anniversary date as our renewal date and Venue A.  Or, we could have the renewal one week later, not on our anniversary, and have the vendor I really want and Venue B.   How important is the date?  I’m not sure.

At the advice of some great friends that I had dinner with last night, I’m putting my dilemma to a vote.   So, if you think we should keep our anniversary date of 9/21 and have the renewal at Venue A, vote “A”.  If you think we should move the event to 9/28 and have the renewal at Venue B, and get the bonus of our special vendor, vote “B”.  Just leave your letter (and any comments/advice) below or on the Facebook post.  Looking forward to hearing your vote!!

Oh, and sharing a beautiful photo with some details that I want for my renewal!

12 thoughts on “The Renewal :: Glass Half Full? A VOTE!

  1. Maegan – BASS!!! the pics are amazing!!!! I can’t even faohtm how well these pictures turned out! They are truely amazing! I know my sister and Ben are loving them! You were able to capture all the simple loving, campassionate moments that usually get missed in still photography. It is becuase of this ability you have to capture such rich moments in time and make them last a life time that you are truely unbelieveble in your work. As a person and as a professional you are truely amamzing; as your energy shines through each of your amazing photographs. It is becuase of this that your photos shine. Your ability to open people up and let them have fun on such an important day is truely remarkable. It was out having fun taking photo’s with you that all the stresses of the world and of the day were dissolved. Your zest for life and having fun is indescribable YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!! take care and I hope to see you in the future!!!! Maegan Reinhart (sister of the bride) the wine-o hahah

  2. I vote B. I am having the same dilemma. My wedding date was June 20, 2010 but we had a quick ceremony in the church office because my husband was leaving for Afghanistan. Anyway, we moved the renewal to June 30th to make accommodations for individuals that I want to be there!

  3. Allison, :) congrats btw. My husband and I have two wedding dates since we kinda ran away and got married with out anyone knowing. Lol if your heart is set on having your vendor friend there and you all like B go for B! Having two dates makes it sooo fun and we enjoy thinking back each separately. Good luck! I am so happy for you. :)


  4. My vote is for “B”

    I think having the vendors you really want and a location you love are more important that a certain date! Plus, you get to create a new fun date to celebrate!

    It’s going to be amazing, I know it!

  5. When we started planning our renewal we found that keeping the original date of July 30th would be more expensive and opted to have a Fall wedding. The date itself isn’t relevant only that you get what you want on your day.

  6. I vote for B–aside from the logistics just being better in terms of a venue Tom likes (Ed rarely expresses an opinion on stuff like that–so if he did, I would really pay attention)and your vendor being available, I think it will be nice to keep your anniversary as just your anniversary and create a new date to remember.

  7. B.

    One thing I learned in wedding planning was that my husband didn’t care about the majority of it. I wanted 4 bridesmaids? Great, he’d find 4 guys. I wanted it catered by a fish market? Sounds good. I wanted it outside? Whatever you want honey.

    So whenever he said the words “I like,” “I love” or “I think,” I paid attention. Husband loves it? Great – do it.
    And even better, you’ve just started a new tradition together. You can have your 20th anniversary party on Oct 5, your 30th on Oct 12, 40th on Oct 19, and so on. Guaranteed to lead to lots of jokes about multiple anniversary gifts, multiple dates he has to remember and a month long 50th wedding anniversary trip, from the day before the 21st through the day after )Oct 26. You may be on to something here.

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