The Renewal :: New Date :: Venue Revealed!

First of all, I want to share my “THANK YOU!” to all of the people who took a moment to vote last week and provide your words of advice regarding our renewal location and date dilemma.  There were so many wonderful and helpful comments.   I was blown away by the response and believe it or not, EVERY single vote was for “B” (change the date and have the venue and special vendor)!   Now, my husband says he paid you all handsomely to vote “B”, and he tells me all of your checks are in the mail!

Honestly, I was already leaning towards changing the date when I wrote the post last week.  I saw the big benefits from moving the date.  And, I knew that Tom really wanted to also.  So, when I started reading the comments, it just solidified my thoughts.  While September 21st will be our 10th anniversary, our renewal will take place on Friday, September 28th!   There were a lot of comments about the beauty of having two days to celebrate for the rest of our lives and I agree completely. 

Once I “officially” changed the date, I emailed our venue and said, “Book it! Quick!”  So, our signed contract is off to the venue.  And, I promised to reveal the venue today too…so…drum roll…puleeze…

Yes, that’s it!  Governor Calvert House is downtown Annapolis!  Now, I’ve had loads of brides get married at this venue and have spent many years going to bridal shows here.  And, there is just something about that atrium that gets me everytime I step into it.  Believe it or not, Tom and I looked at Governor Calvert House when we were getting married, but one thing or another happened and we ended up at Old South Country Club.  So, it’s nice to be coming back full circle.  And, needless to say, I’m very excited about making this venue “mine” (hmm…I mean “ours”!)

Next week I’ll share photos from our visit to Governor Calvert House and give a few more fun details about “things” to come!

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