The Renewal :: Venue Visit

Last week, I revealed the new date and venue for our renewal. As promised, this week, I’m sharing the details from our venue visit a few weeks ago. Tom and I took Avery and Logan with us to visit Governor Calvert House and met with Michelle Vellon, the catering manager. I’ve worked with Michelle for years, so it was nice to see a friendly face when we walked into the big Atrium at the Calvert House. Below are some of my ideas for the venue, along with photos taken with my phone…excuse the quality…but I wanted you to see the beautiful location!

Now, I’ve been inside the Calvert House so many times, but it was different looking at it from with “bride” eyes. I love the big windows and tall ceilings. You feel like you are outside. But, then the walls are this lovely brick, which gives a very historic feel to the room. I imagine lights strung from wall to wall, criss crossing back and forth, giving a starlight effect to the “sky”. I imagine this will be where we have the reception and dancing.

For the ceremony, I’m thinking we might use the outside patio. At one wedding show, there was a pretty pergola directly outside the main doors of the atrium and the ceremony chairs were set up to the sides of where the ceremony will take place. I still think this might be an interesting idea. Or, even using the left side of the patio for the ceremony and the right for the cocktail reception. Either way, I love the feel of this space and want to use it in someway — if weather cooperates.

So, that’s all for this week.  Next week I’m going to share some of the “fun” things I’ve been collecting on Pinterest as inspiration for our big day!  Until then…

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