The Renewal :: Love the Dress Preview

You know when Snoopy does his happy dance on Peanuts?

Well, that is how I feel right now! And, why is that? Well, that is because I had a fun meeting today with an amazing woman about our upcoming {Love the Dress} shoot!  I am just so excited that on Sunday, I’m going to put back on my original wedding dress and have an amazing time with my wonderful husband of almost 10 years and my too adorable kids!  There are so many ideas swirling around in my head and today just brought them all together.

Before I preview a bit of what we are going to do in the {Love the Dress} shoot, I need to make a special reveal…my wonderful photographers!   I say “my” as in they are “all mine”…and some days, I really feel like they are.  Or, maybe that is their gift…the ability to make you feel like the one and only. Either way, they rock and I love them!  Elizabeth Ryan Photography will be photographing this shoot and the renewal and, I’m sure, many other moments throughout this year!  Yay!

I promised a preview and a preview is what you are going to get…so, below are some pictures of details you are going to see in our {Love the Dress} shoot!  Oh, and next week, I’m going to share the photos from the shoot — actually Elizabeth Ryan Photography and I will share the shoot on the same day on our blogs, so you are going to get a double dose of {LOVE}!  Onto the preview…

Spin me! So pretty..beach, sun setting, love

Yep, the ice cream again... Awh...sweet...

Black chucks...for the boys fabric flower and black beaded necklace...that is it!  Just ordered from Etsy - HappyLittleLovelies!

Love the the the black and white! up the dress...beautiful

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