The Renewal :: Love the Dress Reveal

Okay, this is probably the most excited I have been in a LONG time!  I have been on pins and needles since Sunday waiting for these photos.  And, by the way, that was not long to wait…at all…because Elizabeth Ryan Photography did the most amazingly fast and awesome editing job!!!   I could probably blab on and on about how wonderful and memorable Sunday’s {Love the Dress} session was for me, Tom and the kids, but really, just look at the photos…they tell the whole story.  (Oh and my editorial comments that come with the photos below help too. Ha!) My eternal gratitude to Liz and Ryan for capturing everything…you rock…we “heart” you!  Oh and be sure to check Elizabeth Ryan Photography’s blog today (this afternoon, probably) for their wrap up on the shoot, along with more photos — if we didn’t pick the same ones!

Beautiful flowers by Intrigue Design and Decor!

Holding our wedding photo from almost 10 years ago! Awh!

Love + snuggles + paper flowers = my version of heaven!

The wedding dress…10 years later…after losing 80 pounds to fit back in it again!

The “ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!” shot…amazing!!

The groom wore chucks…

The bride wore boots…

One is sweet and the other is seriously amazing!

The whole family!

That’s us…laughing…love…period.

Wow! That’s me?!?!?

Smolder much? (File this under: “things I don’t do on a daily basis”)

Alone…ahhh…well, not so much…

Love and love coming to get us!

The Renewal Date!!!

Time has been good to us!

There is so much more…but I have to stop somewhere. Besides, I need to sit here and look at these pictures a few hundred more times. And, just in case you didn’t get it from the photos above…even 10 years later…I still {Love the Dress}.

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