The Renewal :: My Wedding Dress

Almost 10 years ago, I went dress shopping with my mom and bridesmaids. I wanted a simple, clean design with short sleeves or at least straps. Imagine my surprise when the dress that I didn’t want to take off that day was a strapless gown with lots of beadwork. I’m sure a lot of brides have had the same thing happen to them — you see the perfect dress in a magazine, but walk out of the store with a completely different dress!

After my wedding, I had the dress cleaned and preserved, put it up in the attic and literally forgot about it. A few weeks ago, I decided that if I was going to do a {Love/Trash the Dress} with my wedding dress, then I had to try it on…eek! So, I sent Tom on a mission to the attic and he came back with this box. My maid of honor, aka Avery, was with me the whole time and was so excited that she didn’t even take off her karate uniform!

When I opened up all of the packaging and pulled the dress out of the box, it was in perfect condition…except for a few wrinkles. I was impressed! So, I stepped into the dress, lifted it up and held my breath while Tom pulled the zipper up…up….and it fit! Whew! Avery was in love! She held my train, fluffed the bottom and decided that I had to wear it for the renewal. I explained that I would be getting a new dress for the renewal, much to her disappointment.

So, in just two weeks, I’m finally getting to do a {Love/Trash the Dress} with “My Wedding Dress”. I’m so excited and am over the moon that Tom and the kids will be included in the shoot too. I’ve been collecting lots of ideas in Pinterest (I know you are shocked) and will share those with you in next week’s post. Oh, and for all of you who have said, “What? You are trashing your dress? What if Avery wants to wear it on her wedding day?” Rest assured, I’m going to have it cleaned, re-preserved and put it back up in the attic and forget about for about 20 years. Avery should be 27 by then…perfect!

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