The Renewal :: Thanksgiving & Family

In scheduling my upcoming blog posts, for this week, I simply wrote “Thanksgiving/Family”. During this time of year, I find that my brides take a bit of time off from planning to focus on their family and friends, so we get a little break at the studio. I wondered if I would feel the same way with planning the renewal and I have to admit, that yes, I feel like taking a little time off too!

We are having everyone at our house for Thanksgiving this year, so I’ve been busy cleaning, buying food and getting ready to cook the big meal (with my father as my right hand man!). I have to admit that while I have had fleeting thoughts like, “Oh, I have to email {insert vendor name here}!” I haven’t done anything more than have those thoughts.

So, this week, the post is short, but my thankful list is long. I’m thankful for a wonderful family, an amazing job, phenomenal people who I get to work with every day and a husband and twins that support and love me unconditionally. I hope you take some time off this Thanksgiving to enjoy all you are thankful for too. Believe me, the wedding planning will be there when you are ready to get back to it! Happy Thanksgiving!

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