Orange and Lime! Oh, What Fun!

When Bobbi from Bobbi Roth Wedding Design contacted me to work on Yanni and John’s wedding renewal, I was so intrigued.  First, they were renewing their vows after being married for a year and then, the colors…oh the colors…orange and lime green…so happy!!!  We had the joy of designing all the paper for Yanni and John’s wedding on September of this year on 09.10.11.   Throughout the designing process, I worked mainly with Bobbi, but you could see that this couple’s fun loving personalities just shown through in everything we were asked to make.  So, I have to tell you that I was over the moon (do I use that description too much? hmm..oh well, it works for me) when I saw the pictures from the wedding by Kaylee Eylander Photography.  The photos are amazing….the couple’s love and joy jumps out at you and really how can you not love this citrus color palette…it screams HAPPY! See Kaylee’s post here for all of the pictures.  Some favorites of the couple and our work our below.  Enjoy!

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