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So a few weeks ago, I posted the amazing photos from our {Love the Dress} session with Elizabeth Ryan Photography. Of course, there was a lot of planning, preparing and Pinteresting that occurred prior to the big shoot. And, Liz and I got together the week before to talk in detail about the shoot. At that meeting, she said that she wanted to send both Tom and I a list of questions to answer.  Questions?!?!? Huh??!?!?!  Is this a test?  Liz went on to explain that she really wanted Tom and I to remember this shoot and enjoy every moment.  These questions would give them insight into “us” and we would have a few moments to reflect on our wedding from 10 years ago and think about our relationship today too.

Later that day, I received the list of questions and told Tom about them…his response, “huh?”…but, being the wonderful guy he is, he went with it…and we decided to answer our questions separately and send them to Liz and Ryan, without seeing each other’s responses.  So, I decided that in today’s post, I would post some of these questions and our answers.  We had some similar reponses — although, you will see how verbose I tend to be and in true “boy” fashion, Tom’s are to the point.

Q: What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Tom: Allison walking down the aisle.
Allison: Wow, that is a hard one…our first dance was beautiful and I remember singing the words to Tom through the whole thing, but I think the moment I always remember most is our first kiss…and not just because it was a great kiss. I remember it because it almost didn’t happen! The pastor was about to introduce us to walk back down the aisle and I realized that he never said those key words, “You may now kiss the bride.” I actually thought we might not get to kiss…but, Tom wasn’t going to let that happen, so he took my arm, pulled me close and kissed me. He made sure that we (but probably mostly I) wouldn’t miss that very important moment on our wedding day!

Q: What does your favorite photo from your wedding look like?
Tom: Us standing together at the altar kissing.
Allison: My favorite photo is the picture of us walking back down the aisle after the ceremony. I’m looking down (probably making sure I didn’t trip and fall) but you can see a big smile on my face and I love Tom’s smile. We’re just so darn happy!

Q: Before kids, what was your favorite thing to do together? ;)
Tom: Travelling together.
Allison: Be alone!!! Oh, wait, you probably want a better answer. I’m not sure if it is any different, but we did get to do A LOT more together with just us before kids.  Probably getting to try new places to eat, going out to restaurants and taking our time with a meal….oh, and actually going to the movies!!!

Q: When you picture the perfect photo of yourselves, what does it look like?
Tom: Me and Allison together, casual, smiling….me thirty pounds lighter. :)
Allison: We’d both be thin! HAHAHA! Okay, I think we would be laughing (a pretty laugh…not an ugly mouth open, double chin, red faced laugh – you asked for perfect…). Walking hand in hand…looking at each other…but laughing…because some days that is all you can do to get through it all!

I have to say, that I was really happy that Liz and Ryan put us on the spot and made us answers those questions.  First, it was nice to see what Tom said — you don’t get that on a day to day basis with two businesses and two seven year olds!  Also, it did put us in the right frame of mind to really enjoy each other the day of the shoot.  I still look at those photos and remember everything about the day…just like the wedding.  Thanks to Liz and Ryan for turning our moment into an experience to remember forever.

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