The Renewal :: Books, Paper & Fun!

As some of you I have a “little” obsession with books. Well, perhaps it’s not little and perhaps it is not just books…it’s books, reading, paper and well, anything printed. Okay, I’m obsessed!!! I admit it!!! And, I also admit that I get really excited about anything that feeds my addiction. So, imagine my “glee” when Liz (the famous Liz, of Elizabeth Ryan Photography) informed me that their very own intern, Caitlin, was a fine arts major at the Maryland Institute College of Art and that, best of all, she was concentrating on Book Arts!!!! After a few chats over Pinterest and drooling over her website, I got the chance to meet this famous Caitlin in person!!!

And, to my utter joy, she brought books with her!!!! And, not just any books, she brought the most fabulous books that had been turned into amazing paper creations…works of art! I think I might have drooled a little bit, and there were squeals of delight, but mostly, there was just awe at someone having the patience, talent and vision to create so much with books and paper!! I’m still giddy about the whole experience and definitely living vicariously through Caitlin!! Check out her portfolio of paper here!

In addition to meeting Caitlin in person, I got to pick her brain on bookmaking! Why? Well, because I’m working on the design for my renewal save the dates right now…hmm…should I surprise you or share with you? Okay, I’m so excited that I have to share a little….

I’m not going to give it all away in this post, so enjoy the teasers above and be waiting for more “book goodness” soon!

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