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Today’s post is a FUN one!!!  Why?  Well, because it has to do with some of my favorite things (and I hope you favorite things too)…books, paper, DIY and flowers!   I originally made these flowers for a shoot for Southern Weddings, which you can check out here. I’m planning on using these flowers at my renewal.  I have visions of using these beauties in centerpieces, on the chairs and wherever else I can throw them into the design.  Of course, this requires me to make tons of them.  I better get started or teach the twins how to do it!  In the meantime, I’ll share this DIY project with you and hope that you use it to make tons of these beautiful flowers too.  Happy Spring!

What you will need:
Old book pages/Cardstock/Scrap booking Paper
Glue Stick
Pencil/Bamboo Stick/Chopstick
Pipe Cleaners

1. Tear a page out of an old book – any book will work – you can even use newspaper, cardstock or scrap booking paper

2. Fold the bottom of the page over to the left side to make a triangle at the bottom and cut off the excess paper at the top; you should have a square when you unfold it

3.  Fold the bottom of the square up to make a rectangle and then fold the rectangle in half to make a small square. The square should have a crease running diagonally through it.

4.  Fold on that diagonal crease to make a small triangle

5. Cut a petal shape out of the triangle – an arc one direction and then flip over and cut another arc

6.  When you open the piece up, you should have a flower shape with 8 petals

7. Cut one of the petals out of the flower

8. Make three more flower shapes and on each one cut out one more petal than the last – on flower 2, cut out 2 petals – on flower 3, cut out 3 petals (and keep) – on petal 4, cut out 4 petals

9.  On the first flower (one petal missing), using a glue stick, put glue on the petal to the left of the missing petal and pull the petal to the right of the missing petal over on top and press to glue.  This will make a concave flower shape.

10.  Continue this same process with the other three flowers and you will end up with four concave flower shapes.

11.  Take a bamboo stick, pencil or chopstick and roll the ends of the petals over the stick to round the petals – this makes is look like a real flower!  Repeat with the other three flower pieces too.

12.  Turn the flower pieces over and cut off the very bottom tip of the point to make a very small hole

13.  Take a pipe cleaner – we used white, but green would work well too – and fold the end over twice (1/2” each time) to make a bump on the end

14.  Starting with the smallest section first, slide the pipe cleaner into the inside of the flower piece until it stops at the bump on the end. You can put a little bit of glue on the bottom of each layer before sliding on the next larger layer. Continue until all layers are onto the pipe cleaner.

15. If you want, you can take the 3 petals that you cut out and saved in step 12 to make the top/smallest layer of the flower.  You can even use the single cut out petals to roll and put in the center of the flower, just to make it look more realistic.

That’s it!!!  These really come together quickly and you can make a bouquet in no time!  You can also paint them with watercolors or food coloring!  Wouldn’t they be so pretty in an array of light and dark pinks…love!

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