The Renewal :: Say YES to the Dress!!!

I’ve been thinking for days about what to say in the post…it’s not that I don’t have anything to say…it’s that I have TOO much to say. First, let me say how wonderful of an experience I had at Annapolis Formal. Those that know me, KNOW that I have dragged my feet, muttered un-lady like things under my breath and put off this whole “dress shopping thing” for way too long. But, let me say that Flavia and Dora at Annapolis formal were SO amazing that I really wish I would have done this months ago. They listened to me, helped immensely, were honest, sincere and “got me”.  And, it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

And, because I know you guys would want to share in all of the “goodness” from the day, Liz and Ryan from Elizabeth Ryan Photography came to take pictures and document all the dresses!!  Oh, and I did bring my trusty sidekicks…Brittany and Kaitlin…to provide their opinions and support. I couldn’t have done it without the whole “crew”!

I’m going to let the pictures tell the story of this trip. I have learned from seeing these pictures that I have about a thousand “faces”. You can tell exactly what I’m thinking by looking at my face. I’m going to number the options and feel free to weigh in with your opinion. Keep in mind that I’m thinking of wearing a special occasion dress (aka bridesmaid dress) — perhaps two — one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Oh, and just so you all know, I did say “YES to the Dress”, but you are going to have to wait until September 28th, 2012 to find out which dress…I have to keep something a secret!!!!! Stop back tomorrow for 10 Things I Learned about Dress Shopping – 10 Years Later.


DRESS #2 – One Shoulder…………………..DRESS #3 – Flower

DRESS #4 – Sweetheart Neckline

DRESS #5 – Straps

DETAILS! Details! details!

Love the flower!………………………………Add a colored sash for a pop of color!!!

Beautiful fascinator that can be added to any dress!

Again, I had such an amazing time! Thanks again to Annapolis Formal, Elizabeth Ryan Photography and my ABD team! I’m getting so excited! Remember, check back tomorrow to read my top 10 list for dress shopping — along with more pictures!!!

2 thoughts on “The Renewal :: Say YES to the Dress!!!

  1. OMG – just like a fairy princess! They all look great but you are radiant in the light purple. Looks like a perfect girls day!

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