The Renewal :: Yummy Day…Tasting!!!!

So, I waited until a little later on Wednesday to make this renewal post…why?  Because, I wanted to share our yummy day with you!  We had our amazing tasting at Governor Calvert House today.  I have to admit, Tom and I have been looking forward to today for a long time.  Dreams of coconut chicken skewers and mashed potatoes have been filling my mind for far too long!!!

First, let me just say that the staff at Historic Inns of Annapolis is amazing.  For the tasting, Michelle Vellon, on site wedding coordinator extraordinaire, sat down with us and went through our vendors (only the best, of course), basic plan for the event, linens, etc.  Then, a beautiful display of seven (yes, seven! x2, since Tom had to eat too) different appetizers (aka passed hors d’ hoeuvres) were placed in front of us.  I admit that we didn’t know where to start, but really, it didn’t matter…they were all amazing! And, really, when a plate of creamy, dreamy mashed potatoes is placed in front of you with oodles of good toppings, you can’t help but drool.  Really…imagine Pavlov’s dogs here…

After we made some very hard decisions on the cocktail hour food, we moved onto the main event…the entree!!!!   When the meals came out, Chef Allison (great name, huh?!) joined us at the table and we go to ooh and ahh over all of her creations.  We were having a hard time deciding between giving our guests a few meal choices, or going with a duel entree.  After trying four different options, we decided to go with a dual entree, because people get the best of both worlds and even if someone doesn’t eat beef, there is always chicken.  We went heavy on seafood for our hors d’ hoeuvres, so really our guest will get a little bit of everything at our renewal!  Oh and can I just say that those roasted red potatoes were just amazing!  (Do you see a trend with me liking potatoes???)

Tom and I walked away saying, “That was really fun!” I hope that is what our guests will say when they walk away at the end of the night too. I do know that they will not go away hungry!

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