A Summer of Travel

Today is a happy and sad day in the studio…why? Well, we are happy because it’s Kaitlin’s birthday this weekend and we’re off to our favorite lunch and sangria spot to celebrate. But, we are a little sad (picture my bottom lip pushed out in a pouty manner) because Brittany is leaving today…for three whole months!!! I’m not sure what we are going to do without her. But, when you get to go to San Diego for three months, you take the opportunity! So, while Brittany is off traveling on the West Coast, we are welcoming back some familiar faces to the studio…Laura, my cousin, who was with us all last Summer and throughout this year. And, Katie…who was one of our brides, just like Brittany! Laura and Katie are both teachers, so helping me out this Summer is just perfect!! And, at the end of Summer, Brittany will be back for all of our September weddings and my renewal! Yippee!!!!

To honor this Summer of Travel, Allison Barnhill Designs’ work will travel and be photographed in different places all over the country! Everyone here at ABD is taking part of this fun series of blog posts. We’ll share these travel stories and photos in blog posts throughout the Summer. You’ll be able to see what invitations we feature in lots of different locations. In fact, a little birdie told me that an invitation is on it’s way to Charleston, SC right now! So, check back during the summer to see our invites as they travel to beaches, wineries and maybe some casinos too!

Here’s to the beginning of Summer and safe travels for all of our friends…especially Brittany! We’ll miss you and can’t wait for you to come back…already!

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