The Renewal :: Hair and Make Up Sneak Peek

I’m a little behind on my post this week, but it is worth the wait!  Back in early May, I got to finally visit Up Do’s for I Do’s studio here in Maryland.  Such a great space…sleek, modern and beautiful!  It also doesn’t hurt that it has some of the nicest ladies you will ever meet…including Ashley, the owner!   Ashley is doing my hair and make up for the renewal and I was visiting for my trial!  So exciting!

I had many ideas for my hair and absolutely NONE for my makeup.  Those who know me know that I should live in a bubble because I’m allergic to so many things…and my skin is so sensitive!  Well, Ashley listened to every word and had a whole set up of different natural and bamboo brushes, just for me!  I gave her free reign on my makeup and she basically made me look like me, but better!  She called it a romantic look.

For my hair, I knew that I wanted to try something that incorporated the waterfall or cascade braid.  I also brought along a lovely vintage hair comb from Two Hands Studio.   Well, after a flurry of curling irons and hairspray….voila!  Perfection!  I love the look (their might be two looks…but I have to keep some surprises!) and know I’ll be just as happy on September 28th!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience full of laughs, smiles, music and hanging out with some great ladies at Up Do’s for I Do’s!  Now for the pictures….

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