The Renewal :: Save the Dates Published!

It’s been awhile since I blogged about the renewal. We’ve been running around like crazy in the studio working for our summer brides that I have to admit my renewal has taken a back seat. I plan to get back to it by making a LONG list of to do’s – one that includes our renewal invitations!!! So, before I get to the invites, I have to share the great news we got regarding the save the dates! If you were following Facebook last week, you saw this news — the save the dates were featured on Style Me Pretty!!! Wow!!! I am OVER the moon that they were featured. These truly were a labor of love and having Liz and Ryan capture the “prettiness” makes me smile, again and again. So, read the full post on Style Me Pretty here. Oh, see some more photos below, that didn’t get into the post below!

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