The Renewal :: Book Shopping

Hmmm…book shopping…not what you would normally think of as something to check off the list of wedding planning items. But, given my high hopes for our wedding invitations, it meant that the whole family had to “go shopping” for at least 30 books! My family were really troopers for this adventure. I had requirements for size of book, title of book, even colors! Avery and Logan were in charge of keeping count of the books, while Tom and I scoured shelves for the perfect books.

You wouldn’t think finding the right book would really be hard…but as we started looking, all Tom and I could fine were books that, while funny, weren’t really appropriate for a 10 year renewal invitation! Case in point….Judgement Day…or…Now the Hell Will Start…see what I mean?

But we did end up having some luck…some of my favorite titles that we found…Outer Banks…this is where we got engaged.  Man and Wife…self explanatory.  How about Mr. Paradise?  That was Tom’s personal favorite.  He sent Logan over with the book and I couldn’t resist.  Wonder who will get that one in the mail?

So, 32 books later, our shopping cart was full and we were on our way home…mission complete! As for what I’ll be doing with these books for the invitations, well, you will just have to wait and see.  But, I will say that I’m so excited to get my hands on these beauties!

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