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Ten years ago, I honestly didn’t think too much about teeth for the big day. Sure, I did my normal “every six month” check up and cleaning, but I didn’t give the extra thought to perfectly my smile! Now, I have a amazing dental practice…About Smiles Denistry. (BTW, I adore everyone there! They are amazing!)…and they immediately said, “what about teeth whitening for the renewal?” It was like a big, fat, “DUH!” appeared over my head. How could I forget something so important for the big day!?!??!! Your smile is in every photo…seen by all your friends and family…and should literally shine on that day! I asked the ladies at About Smiles to answers a few questions for me and I had to share them with you.

Q. When should a bride make an appointment to discuss pre-wedding dental care?
A soon to be bride should make an appointment about three weeks before the wedding date. It takes two weeks to whiten your teeth using either system.

Q. Honestly, ten years ago, I thought of many things for the big day, but other than my six month checkups, I didn’t add a special visit to my dentist into the mix. When About Smiles mentioned teeth whitening, I immediately thought…yes, that’s a great idea!!! Are there different types of teeth whitening options available?
We have two whitening treatments available.
1. Zoom is two appointments in office procedure. The first appointment is to take impressions of your mouth for custom trays. The custom trays are for you to do a pre-fluoride treatment on yourself to help minimize the sensitivity to the whitening gel. The second appointment takes about two hours and that is when the whitening magic begins. When the appointment is over your teeth are between two to five shades whiter and you can’t stop smiling at yourself.
2. Take Home Whitening is just one appointment to take impressions of your mouth for custom fit tray. Take home whitening takes 30 minutes a day for 10-14 days that you can do in the privacy of your own home. Simply put the gel in you tray and forget about it, after 30 minutes your teeth are brighter and whiter.

Q. Are there pros and cons to teeth whitening?
Pros- Brighter, whiter smile
Cons-Sensitivity, some patients get slight sensitivity

Q. What other options are available for brides, grooms and their bridal party to get their teeth picture perfect for the big day?
We offer invisalign for those that want to straighten their teeth. Invisalign can take about 8-12 months to complete and comes with complimentary take home whitening to brighten your new smile.
We also offer Veneers for anyone who wants to straighten or change the shape or look of their smile. They only take two appointments and they never change color so you never have to whiten. Once you start smile you’ll never want to stop.

Q. Describe About Smiles Dentistry in 5 words (either individual or a sentence).
About Smiles Dentistry is a professional, friendly, pleasant, caring and courteous place to have any of your dental needs addressed.

We offer complimentary consultations on all our cosmetic procedures. Patient can visit our website to find out more about us as a team and about all of our procedures. Patients can also check out what other patients are saying about us if the click on the review tab. There is even a link to request an appointment.

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