DIY Friday :: Tying the Perfect Bow!

Okay, so it’s a bit of a running joke in the studio that I am the only person who can tie a bow.  Honestly, I don’t understand it.  I just follow the same steps every time I tie a bow and it turns out great.  Of course, you have to tie the bow upside down…what?!?!?  Yep, I said upside down.  And, some people tell me I tie it “upside down and backwards”, but really, why judge?  Perfect bows every time!  Just follow the steps below and, get started on your perfect, “do it yourself” bow.  {To my loyal ABD girls…I expect you to read, learn and there will be a test!}

The Visual Aide:

The Steps:
1. Working upside down — meaning, upon completion, you want the bottom of the bow (aka the ends) facing away from you — take the left end and cross over the right end.
2. Pull the left end under the right
3. Pull the knot tight
4. While still holding the right end in your right hand, use your right index finger to keep the knot tight
5. While holding the knot tight with your right index finger, make a loop with your left hand
6. Hold the loop in your left hand and wrap the right end of the ribbon around the loop and push through the hole (side note: keep pressure on the knot as you are tying, so it doesn’t unravel and become loose — this is the trickiest part!)
7. Start pulling both loops tight
8. Continuing pulling ends tight until knot is secure in middle and loops are correct length
9. Cut both ends of ribbon on the diagonal and viola, the perfect bow!!!

Happy Tying!!!

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