Friday DIY :: Weekly Wall Planner

I’m sure I’m like so many other of those “post wedding brides”, looking for something else to fill their time. But, I decide to take advantage of my down time and do something for me and my family. And, because I absolutely adore all things crafty, I went onto Pinterest last Friday and picked out a project. I went to Michael’s after work, bought the supplies and then after dinner with the family, I got down to some craftiness!

If your life is anything like mine, you are running around constantly, working long hours and then add in 8 year old twins with homework, after school activities, and it is hard to even plan a meal. So, this Weekly Wall Planner was perfect for us! And, really simple to make. Here we go!

Supplies Needed:
1 collage frame (4×6) with at least 7 “frames”
8 sheets of patterned scrapbook paper
package(s) of sticker letters (you’ll need a lot of letters — especially d, a and y)
dry erase marker

1. Cutting out paper! Remove the cardboard backing of one frame and use it to trace out one rectangle from each sheet of scrabook paper. Then cut out each rectangle.

2. Stickers! Peel and stick the letters of each day onto your cut pieces of scrapbook paper. My package had both white and black letters, so I alternated what looks best on the paper. Since I had one extra frame, I put “our week” on that one. You could use “menu”, your family name or even “Food!”

3. Place each scrapbook paper with stickers into the frames. You’ll have to figure out what order works best for you. (Side note, I used Windex and cleaned the front and back of glass first.)

4. Turn it around and you are ready to plan…get your dry erase marker ready! I hung this in my kitchen, so everyone can see it! And, I added little notes on each day if something out of the ordinary was happening. Also, under “our week”, I can list big things, birthdays, etc.

So, now that it is Friday, I challenge you to do one DIY project!!! Hmmm…what am I going to do this week? Happy Crafting!

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