On TV…Holiday Cards!

So, what do you say when you get a call from the producer from WBFF Fox 45 Good Morning Baltimore and they want you to come the next day to talk about holiday greeting cards?  You say, “YES!!”, silly!!!  Of course, I was surprised…pleasantly…and spent the day trying to decide which holiday cards to take on the show.  {This consisted of me sending poor Kaitlin into the storage room to go through our bins and pull out every holiday card we ever made…poor thing.}  But, it was all craziness worth it when we got to the studio and got to see our good friend, Patrice!  {Side note: She recently got married, so before we went on air, we got to chat about her wedding and making photo books.  So nice!}   In no time, we were discussing the pros and cons of family stories, photo collage prints and twist cards too.  Even though the three minutes flies by, I’m always happy, excited and proud to be there to share my designs with Baltimore.  And, onto the pictures. {Side, side note: My dutiful hubby drives to and from Baltimore AND stays out in the waiting room snappy pictures of the TV for me.  Such a good guy!}

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