Color Inspiration for Your Big Day!

Imagine my surprise when I opened Facebook a few days ago and saw that my renewal had sparked a whole color inspiration board on Bayside Bride!  I was shocked, surprised and humbled.  Picking out the colors for your wedding day can be challenging and I have brides that have changed their colors multiple times.

If you are having problems finding inspiration for the colors for your wedding, my biggest piece advice is to…and say this with me…pick colors that YOU like!  Don’t pick the newest fad…just because Pantone says Emerald is hot for this year, doesn’t mean your wedding needs to look like Oz!  In twenty years when you look back on your wedding photos, you should LOVE them just as much as twenty days after.  If you pick a favorite color, then chances are, you will never have that, “oh, what was I thinking?!!” feeling when reminiscing back to the wedding day!

On that note, I think that is pretty obvious that I love pink.  And, because my hubby has loved me for so many years, he is accepting of my pink thing.  So, naturally, my renewal needed to have pink incorporated.  I used many shades of pink and added in blush and dark grey to even out the palette.   Hope my board inspires you to incorporate you most loved colors into your wedding day.  (And, that might not be pink…and that is okay too!)

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