Art for Autism Awareness

It’s April…and it’s Autism Awareness Month!  As some of you may know, this cause is near and dear to my heart.  My son was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder when he was 20 months old.  With early intervention, special classes, speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education, and lots of love and hugs too, my son is a thriving, loving, happy and boisterous 8 year old.  We are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments.

So, some of you may remember that last year, Allison Barnhill Designs asked for your support to raise $1000.00 for Autism Speaks in the month of April.  We came so close…$713.40…with donations from family and friends, along with our donation of $0.10 for each invitation completed in the month of April.  Wow!

This year, we’re raising money again, but this year I have something special just for you.  I’ve have designed an original subway art print that highlights the positive traits of individuals on the spectrum.  I’ve also designed three  inspirational quote prints too. Frame these 8×10 prints and hang it them in your home this month or all year.  Buy one as a gift for a parent of a child on the spectrum.  Share with a teacher.  Brighten a child’s room!  And, the best part is that 75% of the cost of the print will go directly to Autism Speaks.  So, for your $20 print, $15.00 will go to a great cause!!  Photos below and links to how you can purchase them!!!

We’ll be selling these four exclusive prints on our Etsy shop during the entire month of April and we hope that you will buy 1, 2 or 10 and share with others.  I sincerely believe that early detection and intervention was the key to my son’s success and I feel by talking, sharing and educating others, more children can have bright outcomes!

Autism Awareness Subway Art – Click HERE to buy!

“Normal is a dryer setting” Quote – Click HERE to buy!

“You were given this life…” Quote – Click HERE to buy!

“Be kind…” Quote – Click HERE to buy!

6 thoughts on “Art for Autism Awareness

  1. As an early childhood educator, I whole heartily agree that early intervention is key! You are amazing!

  2. Hi Allison! Natalie Franke just shared these on Facebook, and they’re wonderful. I don’t think we’ve ever met…I used to own The Paper Trousseau, and I’m now a Director with Stella & Dot. We raised over $150,000 for Autism awareness last April, and this year we’re working to beat that with a small collection of jewelry and one of our new summer handbag accessories. All of the proceeds from this collection are being donated to the Hollyrod Foundation. Would you possibly be interested in partnering on a fundraiser in late April? If so, please let me know. I’ve been looking to do a trunk show where I would donate 100% of my personal profit as well. Thanks so much!

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