Escort Cards :: Where should I sit?

If I had a dollar for every time I hear the words, “I don’t know how I’m going to figure out where to sit everyone at the wedding!”, I’d be a millionaire!  Really….and I doubt I would be blogging right now.  I’d be on a beach with a book an adult beverage!!!  But since, I’m in my studio on a rainy Friday, let’s talk about this dreaded wedding task and focus on the fun ways to tell your guests where to take a seat!

So, let’s assume that you’ve spent countless hours and had too many arguments with family and have determined where all your guests are sitting.  How do you get them to their seat?  There are many, many ideas, so I’ll go through a few of the favorites we have designed for clients!

1. Classic and Traditional Tent Style Escort Card

2. Larger Cards Grouped by Table – Perfect for a smaller wedding!

3. Combine a Favor with the Escort Cards – A way to incoporate a little of your theme into the escort cards!

4.  Flat Cards Strung on Ribbon or Pinned to Rope

5.  Seating Chart – A few small framed 8×10’s or a large poster size on a stand

6.  Hanging from Ribbon on a Tree

7. A Chair – Escort card shaped like a chair…perfect for telling your guests to “take a seat”!

Now you are armed with ideas for the perfect ways to tell your guests where to sit on your wedding day. Have a great idea? I’d love to hear it!

Photos by Hamilton Photograhy, Liz & Ryan, Seven Set Studios, Kimberly Brooke Photography, Weddings by Pamela

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