Five Fun DIY Projects!

Sitting here in my HOME studio…yes, that’s right…ABD has moved back home and I have to admit that I’m a little giddy about it.  I built this studio into our home about 7 years ago, used it for 1 year, turned it into a playroom for the twins, and now it’s back to it’s original purpose.   So, as the kids are watching a movie in the family room, I’m able to sneak back here for a few moments and do something that I haven’t had the chance to do in ages….BLOG!!!

This post was not planned…I’m looking at piles of stationery assembly and then started poking around the web for some easy crafts for the kids.  Well, I found SO many things that I want to do with all my spare time…let’s hope!  So, then, I figured, I should share these ideas with you guys too, so you can procrastinate with me!

So here is a list of {FIVE FUN DIY projects} to fill your weekend.  Let me know if you do any of these or just dream of doing them, like me!

1. Book Clock – Those who know and follow me, know of my obsessive attraction to all things books.  Well, I saw this and just about died with joy!  Take an old book and a clock assembly kit (I know Michael’s has them in the store too!) and create a bookish clock.


2. Book Lamp – Okay, so you knew there would be more than one book project.  I have to make a lamp out of books…seriously!!  Drill a hole through a stack of books (glued together), string your lamp wire/assembly through middle and glue the socket to the top of the book.

Photo: HGTV

3. Clothespin Mirror – I thought this would be a fun project for the kids – especially for my daughter’s room!  Dip the ends of clothepins in acrylic paint (and, if it’s me, I’m adding glitter…) and let dry.  Then clip the pins around a small round mirror.  (I have one of these that can be used as a candle base.)  Since this isn’t permanent, you can always remove the pins and reuse for another purpose!

Photo: Meera Lee Patel

4. Tin Can Wine Rack – And, if you know I love books, you probably know that wine is a close second on my favorites list.  I saw this easy idea for a wine rack and though it would be a perfect Christmas gift – complete with wine!  Just collect your tin cans, remove both ends, spray paint and glue together (crazy glue should work well, but don’t glue your fingers).  Fill with wine!  Simple!


5. Bird Feeder – This is perfect for the twins and I think would be an adorable gift for a child to give a teacher, friend or family member.  Just take an empty tin can and have your child paint and decorate the outside with a design.  Then, hot glue a wooden dowel (painted or not)  into the bottom middle of the can.  Tie a ribbon or string around middle, fill with bird seed and hang!  Adorable!


Okay, so now that I’ve given you five good reasons to DIY this weekend, let me know what you make! :)  Share your comments and ideas.  I’d love to see what other great projects you are working on too!

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