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Part of the reason why I moved my business back to my home was to be there for my family and to explore other interests that excite and mean something to me. We launched Avergan Foundation, a non-profit to promote awareness and acceptance for autism spectrum disorders and to provide hope to affected families, in December and are over the moon about the support we have received. (You can read more about our personal journey having a child with autism, here.)  And, now I’m hoping my friends, fans and fellow vendors will be just as supportive of Business by Barnhill.

So, what is Business by Barnhill?  Backstory…through the almost 12 years that I’ve owned Allison Barnhill Designs, I have received hundreds of emails from graphic designers, artists and even former brides that want advice or information on how to start a stationery design business. If you know me, I’m all about sharing! My thought is that there are over 500 people getting married everyday — there is PLENTY of work to go around. So, I’m happy to answer these emails with an encouraging word, piece of advice or an offer to sit down and chat about starting their businesses in the paper industry.

My husband owns Tom Barnhill Accounting Services and works with a lot of small businesses in the wedding industry and many other industries too. We started talking about all the great people we know with small businesses and how we love hearing stories about how and why they started their businesses. And, we also love sitting down with them and helping them be more successful. We decided at that we could help more people if we expanded his business to include business advising – with a heart – and Business by Barnhill was born!

I’m so excited about this new venture for so many reasons — I get to help others reach their business goals. I will meet and connect with other amazing small business owners. I am partnering with my husband in this new venture. And, most importantly, I hope that I can support and mentor other artists and designers to help them grow and expand their stationery businesses.

You can read more about Business by Barnhill over on my husband’s website, here. It includes a list of all the types of support we can provide and a little more of our individual background and experience. I just wanted to share this news on my blog too, so you have a little more about how I’ll be spending my time, when I’m not elbow deep in cardstock and ribbon!

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